Majic Bullets

The journey of the Majic Bullets began in the late spring of 1994. With a handful of original song ideas and a love of classic rock music, Kirk Rapport (Guitars), Justin Kovalcek (Bass) and Shannon Mulready (Drums) turned what began as a jam session into a hardworking music outfit. Within two months they booked their first gig at Scarlett O’Hara’s on Pratt St, in Hartford, CT. When they arrived at their second gig a few weeks later the Bar Manager had misspelled their name to read Majic with a J. They thought it was perfect and decided to keep it that way.


From 1994 through 2001 the Majic Bullets performed often throughout New England. It was difficult to practice since Kirk was studying music at Berklee School of Music in Boston, Shannon was working and going to college in Connecticut and Justin was working full time in Connecticut, but despite these challenges the band endured. In March of 1995 the Majic Bullets recorded their first CD consisting of ten original songs entitled Good Enough for Government Work at Flight Path Productions with engineer Carl Monty and mastered by Jim Chapdelaine. The CD received modest radio airplay on 105.9 WHCN and 104.1 (now WMRQ) in 1995 & 1996.


In 2000 the Majic Bullets recorded the album Fuzzy Doctor Five at The Coffeehouse in Middletown, CT with engineer and producer Mike Arafeh. The album broke new ground for the band by incorporating folk and jazz elements into their classic rock sound. From 2002 through 2009 Kirk, Shannon & Justin played with a number of different acts independent of each other with the desire to expand their musical horizons.  


On New Years Day 2010 the Majic Bullets reunited. Although rock music still remained the foundation of their sound, jazz, fusion and other genres were further incorporated into their new style. After a few weeks they began writing new songs together. In March of 2011 they played their first show in over 8 years together at Sully’s Pub in Hartford, CT. In June of 2011 they began recording A Horse Named Juan which they engineered and produced themselves. A Horse Named Juan was released in July 2012 and is available on ITunes and and was broadcast on 104.1 WMRQ in 2012.


In 2013 Majic Bullets returned to play several live performances in CT with new material. In late autumn 2013 the band began recording a number of new songs that are parts rock, funk, jazz, folk and classical. The result of the recordings is a 10 song full length LP entitled Blood Moon and an additional 25 minute EP entitled The Eight. Both recordings will be available in December 2015 on ITunes and