Blood Moon (Album Lyrics) 

Brooklyn Bridge

If every one of your friends jumped off the Brooklyn bridge

And they asked you to come said you’d remember it

But your parents said no “Don’t die a stupid kid”


I’m armed with clichés to throw at you

It makes me feel so square

I sound and act just like my parents did

But beware


Please don’t do as I do but only as I say

Don’t ya’ put off the things that can be done today

You’ll understand when you’re older and your hair is gray


It is needless to say you’re off the beaten track

If you…

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The Eight 


Two circles appear in the western sky at dawn.


 It was the strangest sight Jenny had ever known. She was proud that she was the first to see it. “Come see! See what’s in the sky!” she called to her family as she danced away from her window, out of her room, down the stairs and into the yard.


“It looks like an eight!” Jenny said. Crimson in color to most eyes, although its cause and purpose were unknown.


As if in a dream, Jenny and her family walked down the long path from their home towards…

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A Horse Named Juan (Album Lyrics) 


I see the bad man, his ease is a prop and plan

She’s got a nice tan

He schemes for hours and she takes a lot of showers

They live in towers


If you drive down to the city then you’ll see

Slums and concrete devour the people and haunt the trees

Whoever said that those folks down there are free?

Their words are empty


You know your lessons, you know we have rich professions

Don’t give concessions

If you steal money and don’t pay for milk and honey

Your bank is funny

You grab the land and till…

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